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PROLOGO X-ZERO II TIROX CPC Bicycle Saddle - Hard Black
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Prologo X-Zero II Tirox 134 CPC Bicycle Saddle

Prologo X-Zero II Tirox 134 CPC Bicycle Saddle

An ideal saddle for medium and short distance riding where a frequent change in position is necessary. The flat shape in conjunction with the rigid saddle shell causes a very direct ride feeling. Zero saddle suits all riders with a high pelvis rotation.

The ZERO II saddles are available with the Tirox rail: Light-alloy steel rail that is highly resistant to traction and torsion, it is used in the aviation and aerospace industry because it’s light and strong. Tirox gives a good balance between weight and strength  and it doesn’t fear the normal stress  addresses a bicycle. It has 7mm rail clamp diameter.



Rail light-alloy steel, highly resistant to traction, and torsion, for its physical characteristics and lightweight, is used in the aviation and aerospace industry. T-Irox then turns out to be a rail with a good balance between weight and strength, that doesn’ t fear the normal stress that addresses a bicycle.

Active Density

It is the system patented by Prologo that combines multiple base stiffnesses and multiple padding densities for a new level of comfort.

ESD Design

The Ergo Shape Design (ESD) is the result of ergonomic and biomechanic studies and tests done by Prologo in the last few years.

Prologo Nago Evo Trx 134 CPC Bicycle Saddle Features:

Brand Prologo
Model Prologo X-Zero II Tirox CPC
Size 278mmx134mm
Type MTB
Material Micro Fibre  + CPC
Rail Material Tirox  7mm
Used For  XC / Mountain / Triathlon
Weight  213g


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