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Deuthlon RB Lube Dry Chain
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Deuthlon RB Lube Dry Chain

Deuthlon RB Lube Dry Chain

For every cyclist, from amateur to professional, from mountain biker to E.bike to roadie to triathlete, the bike chain lubrication is an essential component of ride efficiency and optimal drive train performance. A smooth, well lubed bike chain plays a massive role in the quality of your ride and significantly impacts gear shifting performance, pedal smoothness and drive train friction, chain and cog durability, chain look and the amount of energy you expand – and save – whilst riding.
The proper selection of cycling lube or bike lube for your given ride conditions will greatly chain reduce friction, eliminate squeaking noises and prolong the longevity of all moving drivetrain parts. Not to mention, it also optimises physical & bike's performance.
DEUTHLON's RB Lube is probably the best cycling DRY Lube ever produced. It comes with DUST-ShieldTM feature with excellent water resistance.

  • Dirt Resistant
  • Solvent Free
  • Very Durable and Clean
  • Excellence Resistance to Water washout
  • Inhibits Rust and Corrosion
  • Resist (-10c) and High Temp (+220c)
  • Optimum performance / energy Saving
  • Cost effective as very little usage +- 700km
  • Superior Dry Lube

Deuthlon RB cycling lubes are engineered to minimize physical drive train energy loss – the longer your bike rides, the greater the benefit!  In our R&D process we placed special emphasis on longer distance rides, such as multi-day stage races, time-trials and the distances commonly found in Ironman and Powerman competitions.   Compared to other cycling lubricant products, you can expect THREE to FIVE times the durability per application, technology that provides real world Ultra Low Friction drive-train smoothness and product options for wet or dry conditions.   Once applied to your chain which is an easy and quick process, our riders experience remarkably buttery chain friction, consistently faster maximum and average speeds, less fatigue, and higher ride comfort   This all comes at a very reasonable price point.

Content: 33 ml (45 gram)
Dimension (mm): 90 x 30 x 50  



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