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The Pro’s Choice

Follow your instinct with the Rider 860! Built with 2.8“ color touch screen, Rider 860 provides the best viewing and intuitive operating experience. With OpenStreetMap, point-of-interest function and turn-by-turn navigation, the Rider 860 leads you to discover the unexplored. With powerful 3rd party integration, you can easily sync trips from Komoot and RideWithGPS. Go with your instinct. Rider 860 will back you up!

Color Display with Touchscreen - 

Designed for the best viewing and operating experience, Rider 860 features a 2.8” glove-friendly colour touch screen display, making operation more intuitive and reading data clearer than ever! It can fit up to 12 customizable data fields per page for a better understanding of real-time performance.

Offline Navigation

Take on new adventures with the Rider 860’s Navigation function! With OpenStreetMap (OSM), Rider 860 provides location and detailed direction information at a glance, providing a convenient and intuitive user experience for road bikers. The Rider 860 offers turn-by-turn route guidance, including distance and direction information before every turn. When riding off route, the Rider 860 will automatically reroute to help get the ride back on track.


Navigate Back to Start

Need to get back to the starting point? The Rider 860 can reroute directly back to the starting location using the same route.

Advanced Follow Track

Plan a track ahead of time! Using the Follow Track feature, the Rider 860 makes it possible to plan and save specific routes, such as races or trails. Select “Navigate Entire Track” to receive guidance from current location to the starting point through to the endpoint along a pre-defined route. By choosing “Navigate to Nearest”, the Rider 860 can automatically navigate from the current location to the nearest point on a planned track.

Intuitive Quick-Settings

Pull down the top menu to quickly modify settings. Using the Rider 860 quick-settings shortcut, it is easy to set up wireless connections, add/edit sensors, change bike profiles, select GPS systems and much more!

Free Global Offline Maps

With a wireless connection, it is possible to download and update free detailed maps as well as add and remove map data. The map display can also be customized from the device.

TrainingPeaks Workout

To make training easier than ever, Rider 860 now supports workout plans from TrainingPeaks®. Workouts can be planned on TrainingPeaks® and exported to the Rider 860 via the Bryton Active App. Training can then be easily and conveniently started from the device to reach training goals.

ESS Support

Rider 860 supports electronic gear-shifting systems including Shimano’s Di2, SRAM’s eTap and Campagnolo’s EPS. Gear information, such as gear ratio, gear combo and even battery life (such as on the ESS), are displayed immediately on the Rider 860, eliminating the need to manually check the crankset and cassette.


Sync to
Bryton Active App

Enjoy seamless over-the-air synchronization to Bryton Active. Workout data can be automatically synced via WLAN directly from the Rider 860 or via Bluetooth from the device to the Bryton Active App, where progress and graphical analysis can be viewed, and rides can be shared to social media. Additionally using the Bryton Active App, it’s possible to sync and plan workouts, downloads planned trips and much more. Also after simple setup, STRAVA, TrainingPeaks and Selfloops Auto Sync from your Bryton Active account make it easier to share activities and compare with millions.

STRAVA, TrainingPeaks and Selfloops
Auto Sync

Compete with worldwide riders through Rider 860 recorded data. Workout files are automatically saved in FIT format, which can then be uploaded to popular training sites (so no software is needed to convert files). It is also super easy to sync activities from the Bryton Active App to Strava/TrainingPeaks/Selfloops by pairing accounts. What's even better is the Rider 860 supports professional training applications, such as GoldenCheetah, for detailed post-workout analysis.

Size & Weight

  • 100.0 mm Width

  • 58.0 mm Height

  • 24.0 mm Depth

  • 128 g Weight







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